Special overnight stay in Amsterdam

April, 18th 2018

In our Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam we will do everything to make your special overnight stay a memorable experience. During your stay you will enjoy the welcoming reception and a nicely furnished and spacious room. But we like to take it a step further when it comes to staying in Amsterdam. We are happy to tell you more about our unique concept and the many facilities we offer, including wellness, fitness, restaurant and a spacious parking lot which will saves you expensive parking costs in the centre of Amsterdam.

What makes us so special

A special overnight stay in Amsterdam goes hand in hand with the availability of relaxing facilities for our guests. Our hotel is the first hotel filled with museum-quality minerals and fossils. Each floor has its own theme which has also influenced this floors design. The main theme is: Ammonite. 

An ammonite is the fossilized shell of a squid by the same name. This species originated over 350 million years ago and populated all oceans, until their sudden extinction approximately 65 million years ago.

The different 'rooms' of the Ammonite are clearly visible through the lines on its exterior. The squid lived in the last, largest room of its house. If that room became too small, a new, larger room was formed in which the animal lived on. Just like an Ammonite, our hotel consists of many different rooms.

Book your special overnight stay

With us you book a spacious room at a very affordable rate. Do you want some extra luxury? Then it is also possible to book a room with a private sauna or a large rain shower for a small extra charge. The perfect location of our hotel (close to the A10) makes travelling to the centre of Amsterdam quick and easy. You can travel your own car, with our hotel shuttle service or with public transport.