The Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam is currently in the process of obtaining the Green Key certificate. During the development and construction of our beautiful building, we also let mother nature weigh in on our decisions. We feel we show how much we care about our guests by making our facilities and products as nature-friendly as possible without compromising their experience.

The official Green Key website describes all possible steps and requirements to achieve this important certificate. This website gives the following short description of what their certificate is all about.

"Green Key is the international quality certificate for sustainable companies in the leisure industry and business market. Companies with a Green Key certificate do everything they can to save the environment, without sacrificing the comfort and quality of the stay of their guests. They go one or more steps further than the laws and regulations require. "

We have taken the following steps to be worthy of this certificate.

During the construction of the building many materials have reused, such as the floor tiles, doors, kitchens and more. We chose high-quality installations which fully comply with the latest environmental requirements.

We create part of our energy/electricity ourselves through the solar panels that are placed on the roof, we save energy by using some of the latest hotel technologies. The room key card is needed to switch on the electricity (including air conditioning) in any specific room, LED lighting using motion sensors have also been used.

In the context of preserving the earths water supply, all our toilets have different flushing options and all showers and taps are water-saving.

Our housekeeping team will work with ecological products and we do of course recycle.

Our kitchen cooks organically and has its own vegetable garden on the property!